“PCIT has forged a closer bond between my children and me. During therapy, I learnt how to interact positively with my children. The improved relationship makes it easier for me to discipline them. 


The skills of PCIT are easy to use and I was able to apply them with ease on my other child who was not in therapy. 


It has been 3 years since I underwent the therapy and I continue to practice the skills today as I see their effectiveness.”

Mrs Eng, housewife of 2 children

"PCIT has helped to improve my relationship with both my girls, aged 8 and 3 years. Through PCIT, I have learnt different ways to deal with both my girls who have differing needs and emotions. I feel more confident in managing their problem behaviors and I would strongly recommend this therapy to anyone who is facing difficulties dealing with their child's problem behaviors."

Mrs Tan, working professional 

"I have gained more understanding of my child's behaviors and I now have more ideas on how to settle his tantrums which used to be a daily problem every morning." 

Mdm L, works in the finance industry

"I sense that my child, aged 6 years is a lot happier now. She has shown improvement in her behaviors e.g. she listens more to instructions and demonstrates better manners. She has a speech problem but through learning how to praise her, she has gained confidence and is speaking a lot more now." 

Mdm S, Housewife