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Ms Lynnett Ng

Master of Social Work

Certified PCIT Therapist

Hp: +65 8544 9956

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More About The Therapist 

Ms Lynnett Ng obtained her Master of Social Work from Singapore University of Social Sciences, and Bachelor of Arts & Social Sciences (majored in Psychology) from National University of Singapore. Upon graduation, she began her career as a Medical Social Worker at KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital. She spent the next 13 years being taught and nurtured in this fast-paced environment, honing her casework and counselling skills. She then shifted to Covenant Family Service Centre and had the privilege to be exposed to community social work for the next 3 years. In both these settings, she worked with clients ranging from newborn to the elderly.   

Having been in the front-line dealing with various issues such as relationships trauma, delinquent behaviours, mental health issues, family violence, etc., She sees a great need to strengthen the parent-child relationship which can help to mitigate the development and deterioration of some of these issues.  

She has chosen a tree as a logo of her service as it is her vision that parent-child relationships will flourish and grow to be sturdy like a tree. It also reflects her desire that parents will be the overarching protector and shade to their children as they venture out to navigate our sometimes challenging world.

She believes that what parents will learn in PCIT is not simply a set of skills but a way of being when interacting with children - a belief that children have a right to have fun and to enjoy focused attention, be recipients of heaps of encouragement coupled with consistent limit setting so that in safety they will thrive.  

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