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What is PCIT?

Parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT) is an effective, evidence-based parenting intervention for children aged 2-7 years old and their caregivers. 


Hear what parents say about PCIT and how it helped improve their parent-child interaction.

Reduce Parenting Stress

 Parents with high stress can demonstrate less warmth and responsiveness to a child which may lead to poorer child behaviours. Discipline becomes more difficult and can lead to increased tension between parent and child, thus worsening parenting stress. If you find yourself caught up in this cycle, know that help is available. 


Take a moment to ponder through the following statements. If you agree with many of them, you may be experiencing parenting stress. 

  1. Caring for my child(ren) sometimes takes more time and energy than I have to give 

  2. The major source of stress in my life is my child(ren) 

  3. I am not happy in my role as a parent 

  4. I sometimes worry whether I am doing enough for my child(ren)

  5. I do not feel close to my child(ren) 

  6. Having child(ren) leaves little time and flexibility in my life 

  7. I feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of being a parent 

  8. The behaviour of my child(ren) is often embarrassing or stressful to me 

  9. I find it hard to enjoy my child(ren) 


Decrease Child's Problem Behaviours

Occasional, mild disruptive behaviour is part of a child’s healthy development especially between the ages of 2-3 years old and early teenage years. However, outside of these two age ranges, when the arguing back, defiance, aggressiveness persist or increase in intensity, causing stress and problems in getting along, intervention may be required to mitigate long-term negative outcomes such as violence and delinquency.


Take a moment to ponder through the following statements. If your child exhibits many of them, he/she may be presenting with problem behaviours. 

  1. Acts defiant when told to do something 

  2. Argues with parents about rules 

  3. Gets angry when doesn’t get own way 

  4. Refuses to obey until threatened with punishment 

  5. Yells or screams 

  6. Hits parents 

  7. Has temper tantrums 

  8. Cries or whines easily 

  9. Has short attention span 

If you face difficulties in managing some of the above behaviours, consult us for an assessment. 


Improve Parent-Child Bonding

Do you find that you are too busy to play with your child? When you finally do find the time, is playtime filled with too many questions or instructions which can sometimes cause tension and thus work against your purpose of bonding with your child? In PCIT, you will experience improved bonding with your child by using effective interactive skills for just 5 minutes every day!